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Hello, Heroes!

You can purchase packages, Gold, Soulstones, at the Store.

 ■ Shop  

① Tap the 'Bag' on the main screen.

② You can also check the Shop at: Menu Icon(=) - Shop
③ You can purchase the 'First Package'.
④ You can purchase the 'Pop-Up Package'.

⑤ POP UP: You can check the 'Pop-Up Package'.
 - When you reach the special condition, the Pop-Up Package will be activated for a certain time. 

⑥ Package: You can check the package containing various attractive products. 

⑦ Diamond: You can purchase rare goods, Diamonds
(For the first purchase of each product, there will be a double diamond will be paid twice.)
⑧ Gold: You can purchase Gold by consuming Diamonds. 

⑨ Rona's Deal: Products that change randomly every 48 hours can be purchased at a high discount rate by consuming diamonds.

⑩ Red Stone: You can purchase a Hero Soulstone by consuming Red Stones.
 - Red Stone can be obtained from 'Daily Quest', 'Tower of Conquest', etc. 

⑪ General: You can purchase items, Growth Stone, Upgrade Scroll, and etc, by consuming Diamonds.
⑫ You can purchase 10 Teleport Stones for free every day. 

※ The guide was produced in a separate test environment. 

    So, It may change depending on the update and development situation.

Thank you for your love and interest in the Devil Book~

Devil Book Team

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