[Bag] Auto Sell

Hello, Heroes!

You can automatically sell items obtained during your adventure using the Auto Sell function.

 ■  Auto Sell   

① Tap the 'Bag' on the main screen. 

② You can also check your bag at: Menu Icon(=) - Bag

③ Tap on 'Rona's Auto Sell'. 

④ Purchase the 'Rona's Auto Sell Voucher Ticket', which costs 200 Diamonds.

⑤ You can set the Auto Sell function. 

⑥ You can see Auto Sell Function's remaining time. 

⑦ The Equipment of checked Grade will be sold automatically. 

⑧ The Equipment of checked Tier will be sold automatically. 

⑨ The Equipment lower than set ratio of Stat Option will be sold automatically. 

⑩ The Equipment that has the checked Stat Option will not be sold. 

⑪ If you check it to ON, the Auto Sell function will be activated.

※ The guide was produced in a separate test environment. 

    So, It may change depending on the update and development situation.

Thank you for your love and interest in the Devil Book~

Devil Book Team