[Equipment] Upgrade

Hello, Heroes! 

You can enhance the equipment ability through Upgrade.  

The 'Armor Upgrade Scroll' can be acquired through Quests, Events or by spending Diamonds.  

 ■ Upgrade  

① Tap on 'Upgrade' . 

② The 'Armor Upgrade Scroll' will be selected automatically.  

③ Reinforcement materials may be used or not. If the reinforcement fails, it prevents the reinforcement from downgrading. 

④ Proceed with the Equipment Upgrade using Gold. 

⑤ If the Equipment Upgrade is successful, the equipment ability will increase.

⑥ If the Equipment Upgrade fails, the upgrade will be downgraded instead. 

     However, If you use the 'Upgrade Aid', you can prevent the Equipment Downgrade.  

※ The guide was produced in a separate test environment. 

    So, It may change depending on the update and development situation.

Thank you for your love and interest in the Devil Book~

Devil Book Team

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