[Dungeon] Boss Dungeon

Hello, Heroes!

When you clear the Boss Dungeon, you can obtain a Boss chest, Hero Soul Stone, Armor Growth Stone, etc. 

The Boss Chest grade and rewards increase with stage difficult, and the number of entries is renewed every 00:00 hours. (3 times a day)

 ■ Boss Dungeon  

① You can select the stage you want. (After clearing the previous stage, you can proceed to the next stage) 

② You can check the number of entries. 

③ Use the 'Dungeon Skip Ticket' to receive immediate compensation. 

④ If you tap on 'Enter' you will use one ticket to enter the dungeon.

The Boss Dungeon has three maps, and the Boss will appear on the last one.   

⑤ You can check the progress of the dungeon. 

⑥ You can fight the enemies with the Auto Battle function. 

⑦ After clearing the Boss Dungeon, you can open the additional reward chest.  

     You can open a chest for free once, and additional chests can be opened by spending Diamonds. 

⑧ When you clear the dungeon, the next stage will be opened, and you will be able to get the final reward.

※ The guide was produced in a separate test environment. 

    So, It may change depending on the update and development situation.

Thank you for your love and interest in the Devil Book~

Devil Book Team

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