[Craft] Promotion Quest

Hello, Heroes!

To increase the Craft level, you need to proceed with the Promotion Trial. 

 ■ Promotion Quest  

① Tap the 'Promotion Trial'. 

② The Promotion Trial quests are automatically tracked on the main screen. 

     You can also check it at: 'Menu' (=) - 'Quest' - 'Sub Quest'. 

③ The production item for the Promotion Trial quest can be checked because it is marked as [QUEST]. 

④ Craft the Promotion Trial items. 

 ⑤ When you complete the Promotion Trial quest, the Craft level is increased and you can get an additional ability. 

※ The guide was produced in a separate test environment. 

    So, It may change depending on the update and development situation.

Thank you for your love and interest in the Devil Book~

Devil Book Team

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