[Patch Note] 05/17 Maintenance





This is [Devil Book] CM PenPen.


Here are the new updates coming on May 17th.

Please check below for more details.


[5/17 Update Details]

☐ A New Area, [Ardor], is updated

  1. New Main Quests in Ardor

             ■ Main Quests(Ch.16~18) are added. 


  1. New Crafting Items: 

             ■ Potion: Grade 9 Potions.

             ■ Cooking: Lava Energy Drink, Flame Herb Shake.


  1. New Boss Dungeon

             ■ Locan’s Dungeon(Required: Main Quest, ‘Hidden Door’ Clear, Team Level 110)

             ※ The Event Coin of “Attack the Boss” is unobtainable from Locan's Dungeon.


  1. 7T Equipment

             ■ 7T Equipment Summon is added in Equipment Summon Menu(Available Since Lv.100)

             ■ 7T Equipment is obtainable in Ardor




 ☐ A New Events

        1. Daily Reward Delivery Event

● Let’s Log in every day and get various rewards!

● Event Period: May 17th ~ May 23th PDT

● The daily rewards will be sent to your mailbox.


☐  New Packages


      1. New Area Update Level Up Support Package

          ●  Sales Period: May 17th ~ May 30th PDT

      2. New Area Update Enhance Support Package

          ●  Sales Period: May 17th ~ May 30th PDT



☐ Ended Event List

    - Ended Event

      1) Hot time 48 Hours Event (May 15th ~ 16th)

    - Until May 17th PDT

      1) New Hero Pick Up Summon: Aida

      2) Aida Level Up Event

      3) Aida Epic Costume Package

      4) One-month Anniversary Package A

      5) One-month Anniversary Package B

☐  Fixed Bug

 - The bug of the character Aida has been fixed that her skills were affected by irrelevant stats.

☐ Etc.

 -  The button for direct shopping for items in the bag has changed to a button for purchasing Rona’s Auto Sell.

     [Guide: [Bag] Auto Sell]

☐  CS Portal

     - If you need any help with Devil Book, please contact us.

     - We always value our players' opinions, feel free to contact us.

        ● CS Portal URL: http://devilbooksupport.ngelgames.com/support/home

        ● CS Mail Address: devilbook@ngelgames.freshdesk.com