[Patch Note] 06/15 Maintenance





This is [Devil Book] CM PenPen.


Here are the new updates coming on June 15th.

Please check below for more details.


[06/15 Patch Note]

 ☐ New Events

1. Oswald's Monster Hunting Request [See more detailed]


  • Event Period: June 15th ~ June 28th

  • You can get the reward via 'Daily Hunting Monster Counts.'

  • You can get the additional reward via ‘Completion Count’.

  • The Daily Hunting Monster Counts and daily reward will be reset at 00:00 PDT daily during the event period.

2. Summer Festival Costume Event

  • Event Period: June 15th ~ July 19th

  • We prepared 4 new special limited costumes. 

  • The first costume is Jena’s Costume.

  • The New Costume will be released one by one per week 4 times.

             1) First Release Date: June 15th ~ June 28th

             2) Second Release Date: June 22th ~ July 5th

             3) Third Release Date: June 29th ~ July 12th

             4) Four Release Date: July 6th ~ June 19th

            ※ The released dates can change depending on the maintenance status. 

3. Hot Time 48 Hours Event


  • The Hot Time Event will be opened to celebrate the 2nd month from the released date. Thank you for playing Devil Book. We will keep doing our best to offer better service.

  • Event Period:  June 19th ~ June 20th at 2021 PDT

  • 1st day(June 19th) 00:00 ~ 23:59

  • 2nd day(June 20th) 00:00 ~ 23:59

  • Buff Applied: Obtaining EXP increases by 50%.

4. Aitan’s Combat Power Supporting Vol.2

  • Aitan’s Combat Power Supporting Vol.2 is added for the higher CP achievement.

  • Reward Table

☐  New Packages

1. 2nd Month Anniversary package A

          ●  Sales Period: June 15th ~ June 21st PDT

2. 2nd Month Anniversary package B

          ●  Sales Period: June 15th ~ June 21st PDT

3. Summer Festival Jena Epic Costume Set Package

          ●  Sales Period: June 15th ~ June 28th PDT


☐ Ended Event List

1. New Hero Baron Pick Up Summon

2. Bone Armor Baron Costume Package Sale

3. Baron Level Up Event

☐ Etc

  • 'Baron' is added to Dimensional Summon.

  • 'Mimi & Rob' is added to Selective Summon.

  • 'Enigmatic Soulstone' can be converted to 'Mimi & Rob’s Soul Stone' now.

☐  CS Portal

 - If you need any help with Devil Book, please contact us.

 - We always value our players' opinions, feel free to contact us.


 ● CS Portal URL: http://devilbooksupport.ngelgames.com/support/home

 ● CS Mail Address: devilbook@ngelgames.freshdesk.com