[Patch Note] 07/13 Maintenance


This is CM PenPen!


Here are the new updates coming on July 13th.

Please check below for more details.

[07/13 Update Details]

 ☐ A New Function, Offline Reward Mode


Offline Mode is the function to provide your grinding game level. It helps you get EXP and equipment even though you are offline.

  • The Offline Mode is automatically activated when you turn off Devil Book

  1. The Offline Mode can be activated for up to 10 hours.

  • When you turn on the Devil Book, you can see the reward you got. It is not affected by Morris’s Level Up Acceleration Points or Hot Time Event.

  1. EXP: The character you set in the team will get the EXP reward. It is set to monsters EXP that have the same level as your team level. 

  2. Item Drop: It is based on the usual item drop rate. When your bag is full, you cannot get an item more. You can use a more effective Offline Mode via Rona's Auto Sell.

            ※ The two rewards are counted every 10 seconds.

☐ New Events

1. Attack the Boss 

      ● Event Period: July 13th ~ August 9th PDT

          ● You can get 1~5 Boss Coins through defeating Bosses in the Boss Dungeons.

           ● You can get the reward through exchanging Boss Coint with Rewards in the Event Shop.

      ● Items in the Event Shop

2. Hot Time 48 Hours for Pre 100th Day Anniversary

          ● Event Period: July 17th ~ July 18th PDT

              - 1st day(July 17th) 00:00 ~ 23:59

              -  2nd day(July 18th) 00:00 ~ 23:59

          ●  Buff Applied: 

              - Obtaining EXP increases by 50%

              - Item Drop Rate increase by 50%

☐  A New Package

1. Daily Boss Dungeon Ticket Package

          ●  Sales Period: July 13th ~ August 9th PDT



☐ Ended Event & Package

   - Ended Events

    1) A New Hero Pick Up Summon: Sylvie

    2) A New Hero Level Up Event: Sylvie

   - Ended Packages

    1) Summer Festival Curiosity Epic Costume Set Package

    2) Axolotl Sylvie Epic Costume Set Package

    3) Skill Upgrade Package

    4) Dash to Lv80 Package

☐  Etc.

  • Sylvie is added to Dimensional Summon.

☐  CS Portal

 - If you need any help with Devil Book, please contact us.

 - We always value our players' opinions, feel free to contact us.

     ● CS Portal URL: http://devilbooksupport.ngelgames.com/support/home

     ● CS Mail Address: devilbook@ngelgames.freshdesk.com