[Patch Note] 07/20 Maintenance


This is CM PenPen!


Here are the new updates for the 100th Day Anniversary..

Please check below for more details.


[07/20 Update Details]


☐ A New Event

1. 100th Day Anniversary 14 Days Login Reward Event 

      ● Event Period: July 20th ~ August 16th PDT

      ● Reward Table


2. 2X Diamond Packages

      ● Applied Date: July 20th PDT

      ● If you bought the 2X Diamond Packages, the 2X will be reset after the maintenance. You can buy the packages each once only.

☐  A New Package

1. 100th Day Anniversary Celebration Package

          ●  Sales Period: July 20th ~ August 3rd PDT

2. 100th Day Anniversary Special Heroic Stone Package

          ●  Sales Period: July 20th ~ August 3rd PDT

3. 100th Day Anniversary Special Grey Tear Crystal Package

          ●  Sales Period: July 20th ~ August 3rd PDT




☐ Ended Event & Package

   - Ended Packages

    1) Summer Festival Rozen Epic Costume Set Package

    2) 3 Daily Special Packages

    3) Pick Up Summon Support Package

☐  CS Portal

 - If you need any help with Devil Book, please contact us.

 - We always value our players' opinions, feel free to contact us.

     ● CS Portal URL: http://devilbooksupport.ngelgames.com/support/home

     ● CS Mail Address: devilbook@ngelgames.freshdesk.com