Hello, Hero Candidates!


To play the Devil Book, please check our game's Minimum requirements,

■ Minimum Specification Guide


  1. Minimum RAM: 2GB

  2. Minimum OS version: Android 5.0 Lolipop (API Level 21 or higher)


  1. Minimum Specifications: iPhone 6S

  2. Minimum RAM: 2GB

  3. Minimum OS version:  iOS 11

1) Secure enough space 

- Empty your device’s memory up to 2GB to download ingame resources. Devil Book would take 1.5~2 GB of space in your device’s memory.

2) Close other apps consuming RAM while Devil Book.

- If you run other apps when you play Devil Book, it may share RAM with the apps and it would affect your playing. 

For additional inquiries, please email at devilbook@ngelgames.freshdesk.com